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During our Las Vegas recession I had to find a new career and I took all the test required by the Agriculture become a licensed pest control technician.I have been a very well known welder in this town always known for my quality of work and great attitude and was hired by the owner Royce who loved my work imediatly.In 25years of working I had never seen a more dishonest and sloppy ran business in my life.He would teach me how to bid these jobs preying on the elderly and women who are home during the day and could not see the actual work needed on the roof for pigeon work.It was the powersprayers on the trucks,the watering down of chemicals,to the Pigeon Shock Strip that was installed at the Hard Rock Casino by Royce and this kid that he under pays inwhich does not work.I watched him lie to various customers including the three visits at my house inwhich he was telling my wife how much money a week I would make.After 5 weeks or so I called him to come pick up his truck because I could no longer be apart of such a lazy, late to work ,and the fake Mormon church goer he portrays.I myself go to church once hour a week.I dont steal nor take advantage of anybody.He goes for 6hrs on Sunday and throughout the week to various functions I thought he was just a good guy. I pray to God for strength to not think that all mormons are cheating liars as he is to all whom are fooled when they open their doors to this guy.The 21yr old that I hope doesnt work for him anymore left a good paying job after believing Royce on what he would make to earning 250week and trying to keep his parents house from forclosure.Well may God help them because Mormon Royce will lie and take advantage of all who are *** enough to not see through it like I was.

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I've been in pest control for many,many years. Funny how I've NEVER even heard of this so called Willliams Pest.

I was one of the lucky ones....I got the *** outta that cult while there was time. Even though they screwed up my head, At least I have my life back!


ya get what ya pay for! Sounds like Terminix.

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